The public trust. We know what’s at stake.

Reliant’s experience with governmental clients gives us a unique perspective on the many issues that confront public clients and their finance staffs today. Members of our team have served as career government finance officers as well as elected public officials. We understand your responsibilities and concerns and they influence every investment decision we make.

Through years of experience, we know that every client has its own level of risk tolerance, oversight demands, policy considerations, and internal resources. Our portfolio management teams are designed to support the unique needs of each client. With our expertise, institutional knowledge, and cost effective approach, we help you meet your investment objectives within your specific investment policy.

We go beyond just the management of the securities in the portfolio. We work to understand cash flows and portfolio projections, we provide customized accounting and reporting, we meet regularly with staff and oversight boards, and we do everything we can to educate and support the financial professionals that we work with.