We KNOW our clients.

Through decades of working with individuals and their families, we know that every client is unique.  Each has their own level of investment experience, risk tolerance, return expectations, and time available to oversee their assets.

Reliant’s portfolio management approach is designed to anticipate needs and gain a personal knowledge of each client and their comfort levels, which impacts every investment decision we make.

Our clients want a personal relationship with the decision makers they trust with their investments.  They want to be able to take advantage of opportunities presented by the financial markets, understand the risks that exist, and know what they own.  They are mindful of the management costs, tax implications, and always conscious of their future needs.  They want world-class investment management, but they appreciate simplicity and ease of administration.  More than anything, they want to work with someone they trust.

We go beyond just the management of the securities in the portfolio. We work to understand cash flow needs and future plans.  We simplify the structure of accounts, and we provide easy to understand accounting and reporting.  We meet regularly with our clients, and are available at any time.  With our investment experience, unique focus on risk-management, and cost-effective approach, we know what our clients expect and we are always on the job.

In the same way they rely on their attorney and CPA for advice and professional expertise, our clients consider our firm to be a part of their personal professional team.